I place this class of Milking Shorthorn cows C D B A. C puts it all together. She is deeper in the heart and more open in her fore and rear rib than D. In addition, C has that nice snug fore udder and has more levelness to the udder floor, noting the reverse tilt on D. C has the advantage in size and shape of teat and has stronger pasterns. I do grant D for being wider at the top of the rear udder.

D goes over B with her overall depth of fore and rear rib. She also has more cleanness in her hooks and pins and throughout her head and neck. D does show more definition in her median suspensory ligament and is cleaner in the hock than B. I do grant B has more strength throughout.

B logically places over A for her height and width of rear udder. She also has the advantage of a longer fore udder attachment. I will grant A for being stronger in her pasterns than B, but A lacks the dairyness throughout and quality of udder to place any higher.

Ted Smart, Anna, Ohio, placed the MILKING SHORTHORNS. Ted, his wife, Diane, and daughter Amanda, operate Smart's Jerseys and Shorthorns where they milk 30 head of each breed. They have bred and sold All Americans in both breeds. For five consecutive years, they have exhibited the Grand Champion Jersey at the Ohio State Fair. Ted has judged Jerseys at the Western National, Wisconsin Spring Show, Michigan Spring Show, and Indiana State Fair. Meanwhile, he has judged Shorthorns at World Dairy Expo, the Western National, and Winter National. Smart is on the All American planning committee.