April 6 2023 02:37 PM

    JERSEY — A B D C

    A rises to the top of this outstanding class of Jerseys as she is the most complete cow in the class. A uses her advantage in dairyness and bloom to place over B. A is sharper at her withers and over her topline, cleaner through the rump, and more incurving through her thighs. A has a more desirable quality and texture to her mammary system, a more defined rear seam, more width at the top of her rear udder, and has front teats positioned more squarely beneath her front quarters. Lastly, A stands with more depth of heel on stronger pasterns. However, I admit B is more nearly level about her udder floor, has a more desirable rear teat placement, and is longer in her frame.

    It is B’s frame, overall size, and scale that places her over D. She is longer from end to end with more power and strength, especially being deeper in her heart and wider at her chest floor, carrying that width back through her rump. Additionally, B has more fullness and capacity to her rear udder with a more desirable teat size and shape. I grant D is sharper throughout.

    D places over C with a more desirable set of feet and legs. She’s stronger in her pastern, deeper in her heel, has a cleaner and flatter hock, a more correct set to her legs when viewed from the side, and stands with more width between her hocks when viewed from the rear. I also give D the advantage in mammary system with more balanced rear quarters. Finally, D has more style through her front end, being sharper at the shoulder, smoother blending from shoulder to neck, longer and leaner through her neck, and more feminine about her head.

    While I admit that C is slightly wider at the top of her rear udder and longer in her frame, she lacks symmetry to her rear udder and functionality to her feet and legs to place any higher.

    About the Judge . . . MANDY SCHMIDT

    MANDY SCHMIDT Petaluma, Calif.
    Schmidt placed the JERSEYS. She has spent over 10 years providing dairy genetic consulting services throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico and currently works with her husband, Graisson, providing cattle and quota marketing services through The Cattle Source. Additionally, the couple has bred, owned, and developed numerous Holstein and Red and White All-American and All-Canadian nominations under the Grai-Rose prefix. Schmidt has taken the center of the ring to officiate shows across the United States, in addition to supporting a variety of youth showmanship and judging workshops.