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Finding the right balance for the cow's immune system is key to optimal health, milk and reproduction. Watch this new quick guide to Omega Fatty Acids and Immune Balance to learn how the essential fatty acids orchestrate the immune system's response to stressors in her environment. Overreact = Lost Energy. Underreact = Lost Health.

What this Quick Guide to Omega Fatty Acids & Immune Balance includes:

1. Where Omega fatty acids are located in the cow's body.

2. How the balance of omega fatty acids is controlled by the cow's diet.

3. How the balance of inflammatory omega-6s vs. anti-inflammatory omega-3s determines the cow's response to immune stressors in her environment at the most basic level.

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As a reminder, this "Quick Guide" is meant to be just that - a quick and handy reference to better balancing fatty acids for improved immune balance and herd productivity. For a deeper dive on fatty acids, be sure to visit for free video courses on fatty acids, or go to where you can enter your TMR ingredients and assess your ration's current balance of omega fatty acids