Aug. 2 2018 01:20 PM

Dr. Charlie Staples Presents New Research on Calf Immunity and Health

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During the recent ADSA Annual Meeting, Dr. Charlie Staples, University of Florida, presented new research* on choline's impact on calf immunity and performance. Click on the video above to watch the full presentation and see how calves from cows that received ReaShure®Rumen Protected Choline during transition had greater DMI and higher body weight than calves from cows that did not receive ReaShure.

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*Source: Effects of Supplemental Choline in Utero and/or in Colostrum on Health and Performance of Neonatal Holstein Calves. M.G. Zenobi*, J.M. Bollatti, N.A. Artusso, A.M. Lopez, B.A. Barton, J.E.P. Santos, and C.R. Staples. 2018.