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Prairie Farms’ Cheese Divisions Caves of Faribault and Luana Cream Cheese took home five awards, including best-of-class at the prestigious 35th Annual American Cheese Society’s Conference & Competition in Pittsburgh.

Prairie Farms Cheese Division Attendees

The gold medal win came in the Rindless Blue -Veined - made from cow's milk category with the AmaGorg® Gorgonzola cheese. Caves of Faribault earned a second place finish in the Open Category- Smoked Cheeses – made from cow’s milk category with the Smoke AmaBlu® Blue Cheese. Luana earned a second place finish in the Mascarpone and Cream Cheese – made from cow’s milk category with the cream cheese 3# loaf.

Caves of Faribault also earned third place finishes in the Dutch- style (Gouda, Edam) - all milks category and Cheeses Marinated in Liquids and Ingredients – made from cow’s milk category with the Jeffs’ Select® Gouda and Summertime Blues – Blues and Brews® cheeses.

“We’re extremely proud of our products and the wins we were able to put together at this year’s show,” said Chris Hoeger, President – Cheese Division, Prairie Farms Dairy Inc. “It takes a dedicated team with a labour of love to craft artisan cheeses that stand out against so many skilled cheesemakers from around the world.”

Artisan cheeses are experiencing significant popularity and growth thanks to demand from consumers with a more sophisticated palate. That led to an explosion of entries at the 2018 ACS competition that featured over 1900 cheeses and cultured dairy products from 259 companies represented by 35 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico, Columbia and Brazil.

Caves of Faribault has competed at ACS since 2001 – winning a variety of awards over the years. In 2016, Jeffs’ Select® Gouda took first place in the American-Made/International Style (Dutch Style – All Milks) category. Other recent wins by Caves of Faribault cheeses include a first-place finish at the 2018 Upper Midwest Dairy Industry Association Awards with Jeffs’ Select® Gouda and Blue Ribbons at the 2017 Illinois State Fair with Jeffs’Select® and St. Pete’s Select.®

For 80 years, consumers have come to rely on the consistent quality of Prairie Farms’ dairy products and cheeses. To view a full list of Caves of Faribault cheeses, please visit:

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