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Due to growth in the company and expanding the roles of its employees, BioZyme® Inc., based in Saint Joseph, Mo., announces several role changes to its existing staff.

“BioZyme is experiencing amazing growth, and we need to be able to continue to provide the level of service that our customers have come to expect,” said Lisa Norton, BioZyme President and Chief Operating Officer. “We have evaluated the needs and found the best people within our company to fill those positions.”

With nearly four decades of service to BioZyme, Dennis Delaney is now the Director of Quality Assurance. After years of working in customer support, he is now working closely with the plant to make sure numerous standard operating procedures are followed while making the products. Although Delaney had never previously worked in the plant, with sales growing so rapidly – nearly quadrupling in the last six to eight years – the fresh perspective he offers can help the plant operators assure that only the highest quality products are being shipped from the plant to the customers.

“After 39 years, I get the most satisfaction representing a company and products that have had such a big impact on animal agriculture,” Delaney said. “It is great to be at the National Western or a Junior National and have customers come up and tell me how much our products have helped their animals.”

Ailee Langdon is now the Product Specialist & Customer Support Coordinator, handling order entry and product questions. With a solid year of experience learning the products and talking to customers as the previous event and training coordinator, she has great understanding of the product lines and how they fit different scenarios, helping producers succeed.

“It is quite fun talking to happy customers and future customers all day,” Langdon said.

With a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition and a strong background in the beef industry, Lindsey Grimes-Hall has returned to the Nutrition Team. After serving as an Area Sales Manager in Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia, she is now the Nutrition & Field Sales Manager. She will provide nutrition and technical sales support to the Area Sales Managers and other staff through training, producer meetings, and representing the brands at conferences. She will also help the Nutrition Team with ration balancing and interpreting feed testing results in addition to writing educational articles. She is the first level of nutritional support for beef and dairy questions. Susan Day and Casey McMurphy, both Ph.D. nutritionists will provide a second tier of support for dairy and beef, respectively, as needed.

“The best part about working at BioZyme and for me in this new role, is helping people and encouraging them to try new things with their animals to keep them healthy and help increase their profitability,” Grimes-Hall said.

With increased growth, there have been some slight shifts in the Area Sales Manager territories also. Shandy Bertolino now represents Illinois and Indiana. Dave Gallagher represents Missouri and Tennessee.

A complete list of Area Sales Managers and their territories as well as customer, nutrition, technical and marketing support staff can be found online at .

About BioZyme® Inc.

BioZyme Inc., founded in 1951, develops and manufactures natural, proprietary products focused on animal nutrition, health and microbiology. With a continued commitment to research, BioZyme offers a complete line of feed additives and high density, highly available vitamin, mineral, trace mineral and protein supplements for a variety of animals including cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and dogs. BioZyme brands include Amaferm®, AO-Biotics®, Amasile™, VitaFerm®, Vita Charge®, Sure Champ®, Vitalize®, DuraFerm® and Peets Feed. Headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri, BioZyme reaches a global market of customers throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. For more information about BioZyme, visit .