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Leading the Ideal Commercial Cow™ (ICC$™) index following the August sire summary is an exciting new sire, 1HO13471 HYFLOW. This Ragen out of a Josuper stands at +1285 ICC$™ and combines excellent health traits (+7.6 Productive Life and +3.6 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) with outstanding production (+2338 Milk). HYFLOW is a calving ease specialist (6.2% Sire Calving Ease) that will easily sire healthy daughters, as indicated by his solid +406 for the ICC$™ index’s Health (HLTH$) sub-index.

Two new Frazzled sons also debuted with impressive ability to sire ideal commercial cows. 1HO13483 LOKI ranks #2 for the ICC$™ index. He is also +2752 TPI® and +864 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) and will sire nice udders (+2.20 Udder Composite). 1HO13805 AVALINO is +1113 ICC$™. He’s also an udder improver (+2.40 Udder Composite) and will transmit exceptional production (+2024 Milk). Both bulls are A2A2.

1HO13442 SLAM DUNK offers unique pedigree diversity being a Surgeon out of a Supersire. He earns a place in many breeding programs with his +1184 for the ICC$™ index and +928 LNM$. SLAM DUNK is a well-rounded production sire at +1926 Milk and +147 Combined Fat and Protein (CFP) with positive component percentages. He can also be used in heifer pens with his 6.4% Sire Calving Ease (SCE).

1HO13404 SAMSUNG and 1HO13432 CONCORD are two new Modesty sons. SAMSUNG, available in GenChoice™ sexed semen, displays a top-notch +958 LNM$. This sire of sons is +2718 TPI® as well and will make large strides in improving Protein (+0.11%) and Fat (0.29%) percentages while increasing yield (+151 CFP). CONCORD is +1050 ICC$™ and +910 LNM$ and will improve udders (+2.01 Udder Composite).

Two new RED bulls were introduced in 1HO13831 FIREFLY-P-RED and 1HO13833 SKOONER-RED. FIREFLY-P-RED is a Zinger out of a Sympatico that’s fit for heifer pens (6.6% SCE) and will sire fancy udders (+2.21 Udder Composite). SKOONER-RED is a Tyne out of a Launch; this bull can also be used in heifer pens (6.5% SCE) and will improve fertility in the next generation (+3.9 Daughter Pregnancy Rate).

1HO13449 CARUBA-P is an exciting new polled sire with outstanding yield. He joins the lineup at +1016 for the ICC$™ index with +169 CFP and over a ton of milk. This Answer out of a Josuper is also positive for daughter fertility and is a calving ease option (6.8% SCE).

In addition to these and other new releases, two daughter-proven sires rose to the top of the rankings. 1HO11376 TABASCO now ranks at +1056 ICC$™ and is an industry leader on the TPI® list at +2731. This elite milk sire (+2240 Milk) will also add daughter fertility (+3.9 DPR) and improve milk quality (+2.67 SCS).

Iconic sire 1HO10396 CABRIOLET continues to sire standout daughters. Now with nearly 13,000 daughters, this ideal commercial sire (+982 ICC$™) will create moderate frames, add impressive yield (+151 CFP) while also improving longevity (+6.0 PL) and increasing daughter fertility (+1.4 DPR).

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