D-A-C-B are my placings for this class of Brown Swiss cows. For me, D has the best combination of udder and dairyness in the class. It is her udder that places her over A. She is more balanced between her rear quarters and is more snugly attached in her fore udder. D has greater width through the chest floor, more drop and openness to her rear rib. However, I will grant that A has a more desirable teat size.

In a closer placing A places over C because of her udder. She is more youthful about the udder, in that she holds it higher above the hocks and is much deeper in her median suspensory ligament. She also has more quality and veination throughout her udder than C. In addition, I feel as though A has an advantage in dairy character in that she is cleaner and more refined throughout. I must admit, however, that C has more strength and power and stands on a stronger set of pasterns.

Lastly, C places over B quite handily because of her quality throughout. She is much more dairy, carrying less excess flesh and being more open in her rib. She also has a more correct udder, having a stronger cleft and being higher and wider in her rear udder attachment. While I appreciate the strength of B, she is the poorest uddered cow in the class and lacks the dairyness and correctness of udder to merit a higher placing.

About the Judge . . . Joe Sparrow

Joe Sparrow
Owenton, Ky.
Sparrow placed the BROWN SWISS. Along with his wife, Angela, and two sons, Wylie and Archie, Sparrow owns and operates Fairdale Farms with his father and brothers. Over the years, Fairdale exhibited the Intermediate Champion at World Dairy Expo and the Supreme Champion at the North American International Livestock Show in tbe Brown Swiss breed. Sparrow also works as a dairy nutritionist for CPC Commodities in Fountain Run, Ky. In 2019, Sparrow will judge the Brown Swiss at World Dairy Expo. He also has been the official at the Eastern, Northeast, and Southeastern National Brown Swiss shows.