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The situation in dairy country is dire. Our nation's dairy farmers have persevered, but with low milk prices, shrinking sales, and increased debt loads, the future is bleak. Expanding export opportunities, we believe, will be key to turning the tide.

Ratifying the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) could quickly improve the situation drastically.

USMCA ensures that we maintain sales in Mexico – dairy’s top export market. It also helps to level the playing field in Canada by expanding that market and targeting a controversial pricing system that gave Canadian producers an unfair advantage.

We are currently pushing hard on the Illinois Congressional delegation and we must work directly with dairy producers. If you own a dairy operation in Illinois or if you know dairy producers in the state, please have them contact me ASAP at It vital that we USMCA pass and Illinois is pivotal to accomplishing this.

Everyone is needed and we are in a position to immediately improve the dairy outlook. I will be reaching out to you again when I need assistance in other states. Thank you for your help!

Best Regard,

Laurie Fischer – CEO

American Dairy Coalition