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Vets Plus, Inc. will introduce ADEPPT™ technology, a proprietary, all-natural blend of digestive enhancers designed to optimize nutrient uptake in animals, this week at the 2019 World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin. ADEPPT will be added for enhanced nutrient bioavailability and absorption potential to existing Vets Plus products, including the Merrick’s Blue Ribbon line of feed and nutrition products for farm animals.

A novel formulation developed by Vets Plus (patent pending) combining iron-binding polypeptides and polysaccharide prebiotic boosters, ADEPPT works synergistically to help reduce pathogenic bacteria in the gut while promoting the growth and performance of beneficial bacteria, resulting in optimized gut function and nutrient absorption. ADEPPT’s multimodal approach inhibits pathogenic bacteria growth, neutralizes free radicals and toxins caused by oxidative stress and reduces accompanying pro-inflammatory mediators. ADEPPT stimulates growth and repopulation of the gut with beneficial bacteria, normalizing performance and enhancing the gut’s nutrient absorption capabilities. A recent study measuring biomarkers indicative of probiotic action showed that animals on ADEPPT outperformed animals in the control group by almost 50% (data on file).

“ADEPPT offers a potential paradigm shift in how we approach the link between nutritional support and overall production in livestock animals”, said Dr. Ajay Srivastava, Chief Scientific Officer at Vets Plus. “We’re all acutely aware of the economic impact stress, disease and poor nutrient absorption has in the livestock industry. ADEPPT helps livestock professionals more effectively and efficiently provide the nutritional support that ensures high herd performance.”

ADEPPT helps restore digestive balance after periods of stress and maintains ongoing healthy digestion and nutrient uptake in animals. The technology supports health and performance in livestock animals (dairy and beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats) as well as horses and companion animals (dogs and cats).

Merrick’s Blue Ribbon products enhanced with ADEPPT technology will be available nationwide this fall.

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