April 1 2020 10:30 AM

The world is filled with uncertainty right now, but I am thankful for the opportunities that have bloomed at home.

That last couple of weeks have been amazing. It has been tough but amazing. In the last 14 days, my life got a hard reset. My schedule was demolished and my priorities flopped. In the last two weeks, great things have happened, you just need to know where to look.

I had meetings scheduled once a week for the foreseeable future. Nights away from the family, and conference calls during times I was meant to have dinner with my wife and kids. I had “homework” from organizations that was piling up and a to-do list that was growing at an exponential rate. All the while, I had to explain to my littles why dad couldn’t play catch right now.

In the last few weeks, all of this changed. I’ll admit, when I heard schools were closing, I dreaded the thought. How in the world is this going to work? But to be honest, it has been amazing. All my meetings were cancelled, conference calls put on hold, the old to-do list is getting a once over, and the kids are helping with it all.

I love what the schools teach my kids. They teach things I can’t. However, there are things that the schools cannot teach as effectively. These last couple weeks my kids have received a different educational experience. Living on a dairy farm gives life to a whole new curriculum.

My kids are learning the true meaning of grit. The importance of perseverance, and the almighty saying “If you get bucked off, you have to get back on.” These little boys are turning into little men before my eyes. They are wiping sweat off their brow and dusting dirt off their boots. These boys are learning what it means to push on and never quit, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be coaching them through these life lessons at such an early age.

It may not be pretty in the world right now, but I’m grateful for the view that’s on my side of the fence post.

Tyler Ribeiro

Tyler Ribeiro is a fourth-generation dairy farmer born and raised in California. He is currently partners with his father at Rib-Arrow Dairy in Tulare where they proudly ship their milk to Land O’Lakes. Tyler is actively involved in the dairy industry, holding leadership roles in various organizations locally and across the United States.