A terrific class of Brown Swiss cows which I placed C B A D. Starting the class with a cow that excels in so many categories, that being cow C. She catches your eye with her outstanding frame, straightness of lines, length of body, and overall width and capacity to her udder. She places over B because of her angularity, style, depth of frame, and flatness of bone. In addition, she shows a more defined crease, stronger fore udder attachment, and more height and width of rear udder attachment than B. I do admit that B has a more desirable teat size and shape than C.

In a very close middle placing, I gave the nod to B over A because she is a longer individual standing on a stronger set of feet and legs. B stands on a stronger pastern and exhibits more depth of heel than A. In addition, B shows me more height of rear udder attachment with a more desirable rump structure, noting that A has a wry tail. I would grant A an advantage, having a stronger, longer fore udder attachment.

And it is A's overall general appearance that places her logically over D in my bottom pair. A is an extremely fancy individual when viewed from the side and it is that advantage in her overall blending of parts, style, and balance that places her over D. Also, A is deeper in her heart and carries that depth all the way through to her mid-section and flank. A is more balanced in her udder, noting D being slightly light at the top of her left rear quarter. D, the dark cow, is a longer individual and does show more breed character about her head and neck.

Kelli Cull, Lomira, Wis., placed the BROWN SWISS. She grew up in Minnesota on the Tuman family's registered Brown Swiss farm. A 1996 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Kelli was a member of the winning team at World Dairy Expo's Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. While at the shows, she met her husband, Tom. The couple are co-owners of Budjon Farms in Lomira, Wis., with Tom's parents, John and Mary. They milk about 80 registered Holsteins and Jerseys and have over 300 head on three farms. The Culls are also partners in Elegance Futures with Joel and Missy Kietzman, and the team has bred and developed countless All Americans.