I place this class of Holstein cows D C B A. In a close placing, I give D the advantage in width of rump and levelness from hooks to pins. D also shows more veination and quality in her fore udder. I do give C the advantage in her rear udder, showing more definition of seam than D.

C goes over B on bloom of udder. She has more width of rear udder and more length to her fore udder. C also has more length throughout and more quality in her leg bone. I do admire the openess and depth of rib on the B cow.

In a logical placing, B places over A on that depth of rib. B also has a major advantage in the height and width at the top of the rear udder. Additionally, B is cleaner in her hocks, especially when viewing the cows from the rear. I do admire the depth of heel on the A cow, but she lacks the attachment in her fore and rear udder to place any higher.

Adam Liddle, Argyle, N.Y., placed the Holsteins. He owns Liddleholm Holsteins in Argyle, N.Y., with his wife, Nicole, and their three children. The Liddles milk 60 Holsteins averaging 22,000 M and a BAA of 110.6. The herd has earned numerous All-New York and Junior All-New York awards. Liddle serves as director for the Tri-County Holstein Club. He has judged many county, regional, and state shows, including shows in South Carolina, Vermont, and Georgia. Liddle also judged the Southern National Parade of Stars, the Maine and Utah state fairs, Harrisburg's Premier National Junior Holstein Show, and he was the associate judge for World Dairy Expo's 2008 International Holstein Show.