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After listening to feedback from users we have made some great updates to the Milk & Fat Valuator tool to help you simply and accurately assess strategies to maximize your clients milk check. With the current market only one thing is consistent and that is change. The Milk & Fat Valuator 1.2 allows you to verify your assumptions as you make changes to diets or management practices that will impact production.

Take a look at this video on the updates and new features added and see what you will learn from the NEW Milk & Fat Valuator 1.2!

  • Expanded picklist for cost/intervention to include positive numbers representing savings, not just cost
  • Expanded picklist for % change in milk fat, protein and other solids
  • Updated ECM calculation to reflect true protein vs. total protein formula
  • Updated axis on Net Milk Value per Herd/Day and per Herd/Month to auto-expand for larger herds.

New Features:

  • Added "Value of Protein & Fat lbs" chart to replace "lbs of Solids/cow“

Download the Milk & Fat Valuator 1.2 to see exactly how shifting pounds of components vs. pounds of milk affects the bottom line.

Milk & Fat Valuator Open in Google Sheets

Milk & Fat Valuator Download Excel File