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Hannah Burken

TechMix has hired Hannah Burken as a Research Technician. As TechMix continues to develop effective health and performance supplements for livestock, Hannah will be instrumental helping the TechMix innovations team with product prototypes and research support. Hannah will provide fresh insights into product development and implementation. She will work to ensure research and product development protocols are optimized for efficiency as new innovations are moved toward the commercial market.

Ms. Burken grew up on a dairy farm in Iowa and has first-hand knowledge of the use and benefits of supplement products. Her on-farm experience will add a practical focus to product development where end-user concerns and practices merge with unique innovations. Hannah is a recent graduate of Iowa State University where she majored in animal science and minored in agronomy. As a collegiate teaching assistant, Hannah learned the value of organization and listening to her students then adapting her teaching approach for best student results. This experience, along with her skill sets, will transfer very well to working with the TechMix team while keeping a sharp eye out for producer expectations.

“Hannah adds freshness to our team at TechMix. Her experiences on her family farm and those from college, provide a solid foundation for excelling as our Research Technician. The TechMix line of non-pharma supplements satisfy both veterinarians and producers with products that support animal health, performance and welfare. Hannah will help us more efficiently develop and prove new product innovations for our rapidly evolving industry”, says Mike Nelson, TechMix President.

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