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More than one million cows around the globe have had their calcium needs met by RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement.

Since its release three years ago, this GENEX herd care line product has helped dairy producers not only maintain proper calcium levels in their cows but also – through its unique formulation – has helped their employees remain compliant with proper calcium supplementation.

Its unique formulation allows for peace of mind with two boluses (one dose) given immediately at freshening, providing a cow with 100 grams of calcium. With three calcium sources for full 24-hour coverage and vitamin D to help maximize absorption, RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement puts cows well on their way to warding off milk fever and entering a successful lactation.

“The combination of critical ingredients and ease of use has caught the attention of dairy producers worldwide and triggered a growing global demand for RumiLife® CAL24™,” states Huub te Plate, GENEX CEO. “To date, we have surpassed over one million doses shipped to various countries, and we are steadily receiving orders for multiple pallets around the world.”

Te Plate continues, “It is evident this product brings something to producers and their cows that no other calcium supplement product does.”

Producers know the transition period is one of the most critical points in a cow’s life. She needs a smooth transition to better ensure a productive lactation without worrying about milk fever. Producers also know there is enough to take care of without having to catch the cow a second time to provide additional calcium boluses. Its these factors that make RumiLife® CAL24™ – a product suggested by producers and made for producers – their go-to calcium supplement product.

“RumiLife® CAL24™ nutritional supplement is a great once and done product,” states Chad Amsler of Amsler Family Farm in Macedon, New York. “This product is the silver bullet I was looking for. Since using it we have seen no relapses in cows, and it has cut our vet bill expenses.”