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Get excited as the Wisconsin 4-H Program launches the NEW Wisconsin 4-H Movement!

4‑H empowers young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. It is a research-based experience that includes youth and adult partnerships, hands-on learning, and meaningful leadership opportunities.

The Wisconsin 4-H program is committed to providing youth development opportunities and promoting positive change for all young people in Wisconsin. The 4-H Movement defines the values of the Wisconsin 4-H program and helps bring together it’s mission and vision.

In Wisconsin 4-H we value:

Being Yourself: Find and share your authentic sparks and interests;

Belonging Together: Recognize, understand, respect, and appreciate each other;

Building Connections: Grow positive relationships with peers and adults;

Discovering Skills: Develop skills through hands-on learning to help you succeed and thrive;

Exploring New Opportunities: Open the door to new experiences, projects, and places; and

Giving Back to Your Community: Make meaningful contributions through community service and leadership.

“Now more than ever, it’s important for our youth to build strong relationships and develop skills that will help them as they enter into adulthood,” says Wisconsin 4-H Program Manager Dondieneita Fleary-Simmons.

The Wisconsin 4-H Movement asks youth across the state to share their story of how they live out Wisconsin 4-H values.

Today, Wisconsin 4-H is calling on members, volunteers, and communities to display their #wi4hmovement values as they work together to Make the Best, Better. How do you live out the Wisconsin 4-H Movement? 4-H is open to all youth grades kindergarten (5K) through one year past high school. Learn more about the 4-H program and how to join on the website.