As adopted by the AJCA Board of Directors, upon recommendation of the All American Show and Sale Junior Activities Committee. Read carefully and comply with these rules. Eligibility Rule 1. Exhibitors. Exhibitors must be no younger than 9 and no older than 20 as of January 1, 2011. U.S. residents must be members (junior or lifetime) of the American Jersey Cattle Association. Junior membership expires on December 31 of the year in which the junior reaches his/her 21st birthday. Rule 2, Entries. Animals must be registered in the Herd Register of the American Jersey Cattle Association (i.e., have GR or HR status), or have registry status of 75% or higher with the Canadian Jersey Cattle Club. The exhibitor must be listed as Recorded Owner on the registration certificate, either (1) as the sole owner or (2) by his/her name in joint ownership. If the joint ownership includes more than one eligible exhibitor, one of them must be declared as the exhibitor during check-in. Animals must be registered and/or transferred to meet one of the above ownership requirements no later than August 1, 2011. The recording date is the postmark date and will be considered the date of registration and/or transfer. Rule 3, Participation. Only one animal may be exhibited by each exhibitor in any one class. To be eligible to compete for cash awards, an animal must be shown by the junior exhibitor in all cases except by prior written approval from NAILE. If NAILE approved, another junior must show the animal. Adults are not allowed to show in any case. Rule 4, Breeder Status. In order to qualify for Premier Breeder points and Best Bred and Owned awards, the exhibitor declared at check-in must have his/her name recorded as a Breeder on the animal's registration certificate. These awards will be made only to the individual exhibitor in the case of partnership animals. Note: The above rules pertain only to eligibility. See the NAILE Premium List for all rules governing The All American Junior Jersey Show. Junior Ownership Rules 07.28.2011