April 14 2021 01:32 PM

C jumps off the cover as the winner of this class due to her incredible style, balance, stretch, and openness along with having the best udder of the class. She places over A, being more level on the udder floor, possessing a smoother fore udder attachment, having her udder higher above the hocks, and being more correct in her front teat placement. C has more overall length of body and has an advantage in openness and depth of fore rib. I admit that A has a wider rear udder along with being cleaner in the throat.

In the middle pair, A places over D on account of her advantage in dairy quality and bloom of udder. A is longer in the neck, more open through both the fore and rear rib, and is much cleaner and flatter in her thigh and hock. She has more height and width of rear udder attachment and has a bit more crease in her rear udder, along with more bloom of udder. I grant that D is more correct in her rear leg set from the rear view.

In a close final pair, D places over B having a bit more style through her front end and being more youthful in her mammary system. D is smoother blending at the shoulder with a tighter elbow in addition to being longer in her neck. She carries her udder higher off the ground and is longer and smoother in the fore udder attachment. Further, D is longer in her barrel. It is a close pair in that B is wider in her rear udder attachment and possesses more overall bloom of udder. However, B stands last as she lacks style, stretch, and youthfulness of udder.

About the Judge . . . Bob Hagenow
Bob Hagenow,
Poynette, Wis.
Hagenow placed the BROWN SWISS. For three decades, Hagenow has worked for Vita Plus, starting out as a district sales manager and then as sales and business unit manager, a role he has held for the past two decades. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hagenow started his career with the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders’ Association as the Midwest area representative. He has judged over 300 shows across the U.S. Hagenow is a tireless volunteer, serving on the executive committee and as secretary/treasurer of World Dairy Expo, and is the longtime ringmaster for the Brown Swiss and Holstein shows.