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Golden Calf Company introduces a revolution in colostrum storage; the Calf Hero™ Auto Fill Station. The newest addition to its Calf Hero™ Colostrum Management product line is specifically targeted at dairies with high volume maternity areas.

The Calf Hero™ Auto Fill Station cleanly and precisely measures 4-quart, 3-quart, or 2-quart volume of colostrum and fills your storage bags. Using the fill station guarantees precise amounts of colostrum every single time, creating consistency in colostrum feeding. The automated valve prevents spills and keeps the milking area clean saving time and resources. “Colostrum is liquid gold and with our fill station, we assure that you don’t waste a single drop,” said Andy Beckel, owner of Golden Calf Company.
A revolutionary feature is the Calf Hero™ Brix, an in-line refractometer that measures the quality of colostrum in real-time as it flows through. The built-in design eliminates the need for small hand-held refractometers that are frequently damaged by falling on the ground. A large read-out display makes recording the quality and labeling your storage bags a breeze.

“It is always exciting to bring another innovation to the market, but the Auto Fill Station is unique because it accomplishes two things that are not always possible. It makes the job easier, but also brings a higher level of accountability and the ability to improve benchmarking,” said Beckel. “Our goal is to give the dairy producer the right tools to make the dairy successful. With the Auto Fill Station, we can reduce labor and will be able to measure the improvements.”

The modular design of The Calf Hero™ Auto Fill Station is a good fit for any dairy. It can connect to a pipeline, bulk tank, or batch pasteurizer by simply using a tri-clamp. A “Colostrum Cup” is available as a funnel for a stand-alone design. The Auto Fill Station will easily connect to CIP for easy cleaning.
“America’s large dairies are in a league of their own and leading a path through a new territory,” said Beckel, “That’s why we offer large-scale tools that make it possible to treat each calf like it is the only calf.”

About Golden Calf Company
Golden Calf Company was established in 2010 in Bloomer, WI with the mission to provide dairy producers with innovative products for calf care. The goal of our family-owned company is to supply dairy farmers with the right tools to achieve a consistently healthy calf population with American-made products. For more information contact Dagmar Machyckova at 715.318.0897, or visit