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Thirteen Holsteins, four Jerseys and one crossbred sire earned graduation caps to join the daughter-proven lineup following the August sire summaries. These new graduates offer diverse pedigrees and genetic specialties, including health and wellness superstars, production leaders, Polled and A2A2 Beta-Casein genetics.

Select Sires Highlights
  • 7HO14010 SHIEK offers a balance of production (+1,272 Milk) and Type (+1.11 PTAT). His elite pedigree includes generations of high-producing and high-scoring dams.
  • To add production value to your herd, 7HO14110 RAZZLE transmits extreme yield (+2,157 Milk) while boosting daughter fertility. His low Sire Calving Ease (1.7 SCE) and high Sire Conception Rate (+1.6 SCR) make him an ideal pick for heifer programs.
  • 7HO14158 BRASS is the complete package. He’s siring impressive young cows with beautiful udders (+2.07 Udder Composite), transmits a low Somatic Cell Score (2.65 SCS), boasts high sire fertility (+2.7 SCR) to qualify as FertilityPRO® and is A2A2 BetaCasein.
  • Polled genetics continue to gain momentum and add value to the dairy industry. 7HO14160 LUSTER-P ranks as the breed’s No. 1 Polled sire for GTPI (+2764). He improves teat length, adds set to rear legs, offers outstanding Type (+2.43 PTAT) and Udder Composite (+2.04 UDC) with an easy-to-use linear profile. With over 29,000 observations, LUSTER-P confirms his elite SCR of +1.6.
  • 7HO14161 HIGH CARD combines production (+1,742 Milk) with favorable wellness traits and elite Daughter Pregnancy Rate (+2.4 DPR).
  • 7HO14229 TAHITI is the industry’s only daughter-proven sire with values greater than +850 NM$, +0.0 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +1,500 Milk. He offers a tremendous combination of production (+1,658 Milk, +141 CFP), +907 NM$, solid fitness traits and is A2A2 Beta-Casein.
  • After a successful NxGEN® and GForce™ career, 7HO14250 LEGACY has earned daughter-proven accolades and is quickly becoming a customer satisfaction sire. He ranks within the industry’s top 20 TPI sires (+2801) and performs well for both the NM$ (+910) and Herd Health Profit Dollars™ (+879 HHP$™) indexes. LEGACY also earns Mastitis ResistantPRO™, FeedPRO® and GrazingPRO® designations to add great value to every breeding programs.
  • With elite Net Merit (NM$) and production power, 7HO14333 FUTURE (+913 NM$, +1,536 Milk) and 7HO14454 LIONEL (+936 NM$, +2,343 Milk) daughters are suited for the modern freestall environment. • Four powerful Jersey sires graduate to Select Sires’ daughter-proven lineup. 7JE1617 JX KIAWA {6}-P and 7JE1662 JX FIRESTAR {6} are FertilityPRO sires that excel for Cheese Merit at +412 CM$ and +519 CM$, respectively.
  • 7JE1630 KESTREL-P combines game-changing production (+2,511 Milk) with A2A2 Beta-Casein and Polled genetics. This FeedPRO designee is commercially correct!
  • 7JE1638 RESPECT transmits positive components (+0.17% Fat, +0.04% Protein) with high Jersey Udder Index™ rank (+13.1 JUI™).
  • 7XD5 TIGERWOODS is Select Sires’ first crossbred sire to graduate into the daughterproven lineup. He combines the best of his Holstein dam, S-S-I Suprsire Miri 8679-ET (EX-90-EX-MS-GMD-DOM), and his Jersey sire, 7JE1471 MILTON, to offer extreme production and positive DPR

Accelerated Genetics Highlights

  • The Accelerated Genetics product line graduates offer powerful mastitis resistance. 14HO14129 BASIC, 14HO14220 RIVETING and 14HO14226 ROME each qualify for the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation.
  • RIVETING makes his debut on the daughter-proven list as a top-10 TPI sire (+2840) while exceling in all fitness and health traits. ROME is another health and wellness leader ranking well for Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (+959 DWP$®), Calf Wellness Index™ (+48 CW$™) and HHP$ (+921).
GenerVations Highlights

  • 250HO14134 RENEGADE graduates as a top-5 TPI sire (+2867 GTPI) and presents a balanced breeding profile to improve production, conformation and daughter fertility. His Contact: Sara Horst, Communications Specialist 570.441.1973 | daughters exhibit strength and width throughout with well-attached udders, improved mobility and correct leg set. gender SELECTEDTM SexedULTRATM

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