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Upstate Niagara Cooperative, the Buffalo-based food and beverage producer and distributor with nearly 300 member-owned farms across the state, received several honors for its products in competitions at both the New York State Fair and the World Dairy Expo.

The cooperative won the most awards, 21, at the Great New York State Fair’s Dairy Products Competition held in Syracuse earlier this month. In addition to winning First Place in the Overall Best Milk Quality category for its Upstate Farms Milk and First Place in the Flavored Milk category for its Lowfat Chocolate Milk, Upstate Farms won Gold awards for its String and Ricottone Cheeses, Buttermilk, and Plain Greek and Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurts. Bison French Onion Dip and Sour Cream, also took home Gold, while Bison Creamy Ranch Dip got the Silver award.

The World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Products Contest awarded Upstate Farms First Place for its Ricotta Amalfi (Impastata) Cheese and Bison Cottage Cheese, Second Place for its Vanilla Yogurt and Third Place for its Nonfat Strawberry Greek Yogurt and Bison Creamy Ranch Dip. The contest, sponsored by the Wisconsin Dairy Products Association, is the only one of its kind in North America, as it includes all dairy products, according to the Dairy Expo’s website. The recognition event is set to take place September 28-October 2, 2021, but winners were announced in advance.

“Our hardworking farmer-owners and dedicated employees take great pride in producing fresh, wholesome dairy products made from milk that comes from our cooperative of nearly 300 member-owned farms,” said Mark Serling, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and R&D for Upstate Niagara Cooperative. “To receive this kind of recognition statewide and even internationally, is both humbling and thrilling.”

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