Jan. 11 2022 04:40 PM

The redesigned website features solutions to sampling challenges for the dairy and liquid food industries, updated resources, and easier navigation of topics!

The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

QualiTru Sampling Systems, leaders in the science of aseptic and representative sampling, today announced the launch of its new website (www.QualiTru.com). This milestone aligns with the company’s mission to provide solutions, resources, and education related to accurate and representative sampling in the dairy and liquid food industries.

“We are proud that our new website provides enhanced educational resources for those seeking to improve their sampling procedures to ensure production of safe and high-quality products,” says Calvin Guyer, CEO at QualiTru Sampling Systems.

The new QualiTru website incorporates a responsive and clean design with improved functionality, such as streamlined processes for Request for Quote (RFQ) and Order Now. It also features a secured private portal for distributor partners to support their sales and marketing efforts. The enhanced website will be updated regularly and continue to provide visitors with access to a library of solutions-based resources, such as educational webinars, university case studies, installation guides, technical sheets, and top-of-mind blog topics. Explore the new website at www.QualiTru.com.

The entire sales and marketing team at QualiTru Sampling Systems, led by Anne Bigalke, VP of Sales and Marketing, worked together to develop the new marketing strategy. “We want to help the dairy and liquid food industries improve their product quality with accurate sample data. That starts with providing science-based resources on our website to help the industry fight mastitis on the farm, build confidence in the payment process and improve process monitoring for Quality Managers,” said Anne.

About QualiTru Sampling Systems: QualiTru provides a unique combination of aseptic and representative sampling that is not offered by anyone else. QualiTru is more than just a manufacturer of sampling products. We take a problem-solution approach with our customers and partners. The team at QualiTru works together seamlessly and is dedicated to delivering on our commitments every day and earning trust. QualiTru’s goal is to help customers meet their needs for product quality and safety, public health, and business goals. QualiTru has built a strong reputation for expertise, quality, education, and training for almost four decades.