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Dellait, the rising leader in Animal Nutrition & Health, announces today the launch of its first subsidiary in the European Union (EU), Dellait España, SL., to service the dairy cattle business in the area.

In recent years, the volume of milk production has constantly been growing in the EU, which indicates the increasing importance of this agri-food sector. The EU has shown an ever-increasing demand for dairy cattle nutrition solutions being a major player in the world dairy market. Thus, Dellait has chosen to continue its international growth and develop its operations there. This new expansion will strengthen Dellait’s position as a strong international player in the embedded dairy cattle industry.

Headquartered in South Dakota, Dellait is a global nutrition company that provides services and solutions to the livestock industry. Dellait has a global network of animal nutrition experts that take a collaborative approach to address challenges in the dairy cattle industry. They help dairy farms around the world improve profits by bringing innovative nutritional solutions, multi-disciplinary expertise, and extensive industry knowledge.

Dellait’s purpose is to evolve the dairy industry focused on efficiency, cow welfare, and environmental sustainability. “Our team delivers transformational impact for dairy farms by helping them optimize production performance and animal health, maximize income over feed costs, and proactively prepare for shifts in commodity markets through precise nutrition, leading-edge management practices, advanced analytics, and operational effectiveness” , said Fernando Diaz, Dellait’s CEO.

Using a science-based strategy and applied research, Dellait – Animal Nutrition & Health has developed nutrition technologies for dairy animals from growing heifers through lactating and dry cows. They rely on their decades of expertise to develop and implement nutrition solutions that deliver the best results.


Dellait is a global Animal Nutrition and Health company that provides services and solutions to the livestock industry. Their multi-talented team of consultants, scientists, and data analysts combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in dairy cattle nutrition and health, milk quality, dairy farm management, and business intelligence.


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