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TechMix, LLC has reached an agreement with Elanco Spain for sales and marketing of YMCP Vitall® in Spain. Elanco Spain is building onto their Vitall 90TM fresh cow protocol and has reviewed many post-freshening products and now will be adding YMCP Vitall. YMCP Vitall stands out because it offers a complete recipe for supporting fresh cow recovery. Recent data shows that fresh cows require more than just calcium for optimal recovery*, and the ingredient list in YMCP Vitall will allow Elanco Spain to stake a unique market position, and help cows thrive.

YMCP Vitall has live yeast to help get cows on back on feed, consuming their new ration, and positioned for the rigors of lactation. Plus, YMCP Vitall includes additional nutrients like magnesium, potassium and niacin along with rapidly-absorbable calcium—all nutrients lost during freshening. But not only is the YMCP Vitall ingredient list unique for a fresh cow bolus, so is the delivery method. YMCP Vitall is an effervescent bolus that disburses critical recovery nutrients throughout the rumen upon ingestion, thereby supporting quicker uptake.

Like producers around the world, Elanco Spain recognized that getting a fresh cow back on feed quickly was the simplest and least-cost means of getting nutrients from the ration into the cow. These benefits are far reaching and include the ability to regain or maintain rumen fill, reduce the chance of rumen acidosis, support body condition, encourage post-freshening recovery, and lead to better peak milk.

“Elanco Spain recognizes the uniqueness of YMCP Vitall and the farm results that customers have been experiencing. This partnership is a win-win for both companies, but even more so for producers, and cows, in Spain who desire welfare and performance benefits while reducing antibiotic use”, says David Muysson, Director International, TechMix.

*M. Al-Qaisi et al., Res. Vet. Sci., 129 (2020), pp. 74-81

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