March 17 2022 09:40 AM

BovacillusTM is a versatile probiotic that can be used in all types of feed applications.

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When it comes to cattle health and performance, little things make a big difference. The microbe population of the rumen and intestine must be healthy and in appropriate numbers/balance for a proper digestion of feed and health of the animal. The use of probiotics in animal production has shown that it may benefit digestion, animal performance and the immune system.

Chr. Hansen, a leading 146-year-old global bioscience company, now puts a new product into the US market, BovacillusTM. Consisting of two strains of different species of Bacilli – Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis isolated from nature – BovacillusTM is a special type of probiotic. Bacillus spores can survive harsh conditions within the gastrointestinal tract, such as pH variations, bile salts and enzymes. Following germination of the spores, active organisms support the normal functions within the tract as well as a balanced microbiome.

“Both strains of Bacilli were selected based on their capacity to produce high quantities of digestive enzymes. Bacillus organisms have been used as probiotics for farm animals for several years, where they have supported normal performance and health. We’re excited to offer our customers this new product range, which is thoroughly documented in a large number of studies ” says Dr. Jim Turner, technical services manager, Animal Health, Chr. Hansen.

Widely applicable

The ability to form spores is what gives Bacilli their ability to survive and perpetuate under harsh conditions. Thanks to its diversified and synergistic modes of action, BovacillusTM is an effective, natural, sustainable choice to support the health and performance of cattle. The resilience and versatility of BovacillusTM allows this effective probiotic to be used in a broad array of applications for cattle:

  • Premixes
  • Mineral mix
  • Mash feed
  • Pellets and cubes
  • Milk replacers
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Complete feed
  • Blocks and tubs
  • Liquids

“At Chr. Hansen we are uniquely positioned to drive positive change through microbial solutions. We are committed to enable sustainable agriculture, and as we continue to unlock the power of good bacteria to respond to worldwide challenges such as the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides, we are matching customer needs and global trends. In this way we put action behind our purpose, to grow a better world. Naturally,” concludes Dr. Paolo Fantinati, strategic marketing director ruminant, Animal Health. Chr. Hansen.

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