The information below has been supplied by dairy marketers and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Premier Select Sires awarded a total of $19,500 to 19 college students through the 2022 Premier Future Ag Leaders Scholarship Program. Two students received $2,500 scholarships through the Johnny Daniel Memorial Scholarship and the Wayne Dudley Scholarship. Seventeen other students received scholarships of $750 to $1,500 in value.

Allen Graulich of Argus Acres, LLC, a 500-cow Registered Holstein operation in Cobleskill, N.Y., is the son of David and Suzanne Graulich. Allen received the Wayne Dudley Scholarship. Allen is a student at Cornell University studying Animal Science with a dairy concentration, and after graduation he plans to begin working at Riverview, LLP in Morris, Minn. He looks forward to learning new techniques from a different perspective.

Ryan Allen of Glen Toctin Farm, a 120-cow Registered Holstein operation in Jefferson, Md., is the son of Michael and Johanna Allen. Ryan received the Johnny Daniel Memorial Scholarship. Ryan is a student at Penn State University studying Animal Science. After graduation, Ryan plans to pursue a career in the A.I. industry. He hopes to translate his passion for dairy genetics into a role focusing on the procurement and advancement of the best possible genetics. He also plans to stay involved on his home farm.

Hannah Diehl of Musser Run Jerseys, a 200-cow Jersey operation in McVeytown, Pa., is the daughter of Joseph and Kristin Diehl. Hannah is a student at Penn State University studying Animal Science. After graduation, Hannah plans to work as a herd manager or assistant herd manager to grow her skills on a farm that is different from her home farm. She then hopes to return to her family's farm and use her new skills and experience while expanding the farm and implementing new technologies.

Erin Armitage of Clover Stone Farm, a 50-head dairy heifer and beef cattle operation in Greenwich, N.Y., is the daughter of Kevin and Lee-Ann Armitage. Erin is a student at SUNY Morrisville studying Dairy Science and Agribusiness. After completing her Associate's Degree in Dairy Science and Agribusiness, Erin plans on transferring to Virginia Tech to complete her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees. She then hopes to open an agribusiness marketing and consulting firm to help other agricultural businesses make plans for the future and improve their operations. She also hopes to grow her herd of dairy show cattle and allow youth to lease them so they can have the same opportunities she did in the agricultural industry.

Laurel Gray of Grayhouse Farms, a 1,100-cow dairy operation in Stony Point, N.C., is the daughter of Andy and Amy Gray. Laurel is a student at North Carolina State University studying Agricultural Business Management. After graduation, Laurel plans to return home and work on her family's dairy farm. Her goals include helping with finances, assisting with field work, working with calves and heifers, helping with the family's hunting business, and expanding her small herd of beef cattle.

Regan Jackson of Waverly Farm, a 70-cow and 200-heifer dairy operation in Clearbrook, Va., is the daughter of Kevin and Laura Jackson. Regan is a senior at Clarke County High school and plans to attend Louisiana State University to study Nutrition and Food Science. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Regan plans to continue her education to become a doctor. As a doctor, she will use her medical position and agricultural background to serve as a spokesperson providing factual information on dairy products and their nutritional benefits.

George Sebright of Farview Holsteins, a 60-cow Registered Holstein operation in East Berlin, Pa., is the son of Robby and Jayne Sebright. George is a student at Virginia Tech studying Dairy Science. After graduation, George hopes to work in the A.I. industry, either working with mating programs, working in sales, or working with a sire analyst team. He wants to help dairy producers achieve genetic goals while improving the breeds that define the future of the dairy industry. He also hopes to continue his family's tradition of dairying.

Jordan Anderson of Cabaret Cattle Company, a 25-head dairy calf and heifer operation in Centre Hall, Pa., is the daughter of Don and Angela Anderson. Jordan is currently serving as a Pennsylvania state FFA officer and will begin studying Agriculture Communications at the University of Wyoming next year. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career advocating for the industry she loves and helping to give our hardworking farmers a voice that reaches consumers. She is also interested in working in the marketing and communications department of an agricultural company.

Glenn Barnes of Maple Knoll Farm, a 320-cow dairy and 30-head beef cattle operation in Lawrenceville, Pa., is the son of Jeffery and Pamela Barnes. Glenn is a senior at Cowanesque Valley High School and plans to attend Oklahoma State University to study Agricultural Engineering. After graduating from college, Glenn plans to return to his family's dairy farm and become a partner with his father, brother, and uncle. He wants to use his education to make positive changes on the farm, making it a more advanced, modern facility. His degree will provide him with a better understanding of the machines and systems on-farm, and he will be able to service the equipment as needed. Glenn is also working towards using his piloting skills to train and become an aerial application specialist.

Kyle Barnes of Gate House Farms, a 280-cow dairy farm in DeRuyter, N.Y., is the son of Paul and Jerri Barnes. Kyle is a student at Virginia Tech studying Dairy Science. After graduation, Kyle plans to work in the agriculture industry. He would someday like to return to his home farm and begin an expansion process.

Will Coltrane of Coltrane Dairy, LLC, a 600-cow and 700-heifer dairy farm in Pleasant Garden, N.C., is the son of David and Amy Coltrane. Will is a student at the University of Mount Olive studying Agricultural Business and Animal Science. After graduation, Will plans to return to his family's fourth-generation farm. He plans to continue broadening his scope of the industry, and he hopes to play a part in helping farmers garner the respect they deserve for their dedication and work ethic.

Hayley Daubert of Standard of Excellence Dairy, a 30-cow dairy operation in Dayton, Va., is the daughter of Jeremy and Rebecca Daubert. Hayley is a senior at Turner Ashby High School, and she plans to attend South Dakota State University to study Dairy Science with a Microbiology focus. After graduation from college, Hayley plans to work in a veterinary laboratory to study animal disease. She hopes to help farmers and veterinarians better identify and treat diseases and limit the spread of disease on farms. She also plans to volunteer with a local rescue squad as an EMT. She is especially passionate about helping farm families who experience the unfortunate occurrence of farm accidents. Hayley also plans to continue breeding and raising cattle.

Naomi Diehl of Musser Run Jerseys, a 200-cow Jersey operation in McVeytown, Pa., is the daughter of Joseph and Kristin Diehl. Naomi is a student at Messiah University studying accounting. After graduation, Naomi plans to work as an agriculture accountant. She wants to help farmers manage their finances and learn where they can save money. She would also like to start a creamery at her family farm and promote the dairy industry and the wholesomeness of milk.

Kendal Jenkins of Leona-View Holsteins, a 150-cow Registered Holstein operation in Columbia Crossroads, Pa., is the daughter of James Jenkins. Kendal is a student at Penn State University studying Animal Science. After graduation, Kendal would like to pursue a career as a dairy nutritionist. Through this career, she looks forward to being involved in several aspects of agriculture including animal science, cow care, agronomy, and forage crop management.

Lainey Koval of Koval Brothers Dairy, LLC, a 500-cow Holstein operation in Stillwater, N.Y., is the daughter of Christopher and Jennifer Koval. Lainey is a student at Cornell University studying Agricultural Science. After graduation, Lainey plans to either return to her family farm or enter a field that allows her to work alongside farmers. She has a passion for protecting the nation’s farmland and managing businesses in economically and environmentally sustainable ways.

Chad Patterson of Patterson Farms, Inc., a 300-cow Holstein operation in Chestertown, Md., is the son of Charlie and Sherry Patterson. Chad is a student at Purdue University studying Agriculture Systems Management. After graduation, Chad plans to return to the family farm. He will use what he learned from college to improve the farm and solve problems in an efficient manner.

Paige Peiffer of Boxed-In Acres, an 80-cow Holstein operation in Lebanon, Pa., is the daughter of Ammon and Brenda Peiffer. Paige is a student at Penn State University studying Animal Science. Paige is deciding between several avenues for after graduation. She is interested in applying for vet school, pursuing a career in cattle reproduction or nutrition, or returning to the family farm as the fourth generation. She hopes to make a positive impact on the industry no matter what her career choice.

Salem Sifford of Roseview Cattle Farm and Plessed Rose Dairy Farm, a 40-head Hereford and 25-cow Holstein operation, respectively, in Goldvein, Va. is the daughter of Stephen and Rosemary Sifford. Salem is a senior at Liberty High School, and she plans to attend college to study Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary. After completing her undergraduate degree, Salem hopes to attend veterinary school and pursue a degree as a veterinary pathologist. She feels that this career will give her the opportunity to be involved with finding much needed solutions to better the industry and help producers protect their animals.

Cole Verano is the son of Jose and Tammy Verano. Jose is the manager of JM Larson Inc., a 4,500-cow dairy operation in Okeechobee, Fla. Cole is a student at the University of Florida studying Agriculture Operations Management. After graduation, Cole hopes to work for a dairy farm in southern Florida where he will be able to use his education to help improve the sustainability of dairy farming. He also looks forward to using his marketing and management skills to increase the profitability of dairy farming to ensure that there are plenty of farms for future generations.

The Premier Future Ag Leaders Scholarship Program provides financial support to eligible students pursuing agricultural education, and it also provides additional return to the cooperative’s member-owners by supporting the next generation of young people desiring to study and work in the agriculture industry. The Premier Select Sires board of directors has made a commitment to providing money to support this scholarship program on an ongoing annual basis.

Premier Select Sires is a farmer-owned cooperative that serves beef and dairy producers in its 23-state member area. Dedicated to providing its members with all they need to achieve success, Premier provides:

  • Industry-leading genetics from the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics, and GenerVations brands
  • Effective herd health and management products, as well as artificial insemination supplies
  • Reliable services and programs backed by years of success
  • Knowledgeable industry experts who are easily accessed for consultation, advice, and on-farm assistance

Together with its five sister cooperatives across the United States, Premier owns and controls Select Sires Inc., the world’s most recognized name in bovine genetics.