April 25 2022 08:00 AM


In a great group of Brown Swiss cows, C is a handy winner with her overall style and balance. She is a cow that exhibits remarkable dairy strength and an impressive dairy frame. C also has the best udder of the class, as she has that long, smooth blending fore udder, her teats are placed symmetrically underneath the quarters, and she exhibits the height and width that we desire for the breed. While A carries a beautiful rear udder, she does not quite have the height and width of C, with a little too much reverse tilt in the fore udder.

Next, A places over D. Cow A is another balanced cow with a tremendous dairy frame and extreme length, with striking width when you get behind her. A also has more overall style and balance. D is a nicely balanced cow and I do like her mammary system, especially through the fore udder and the way her teats are placed equally on the udder floor. However, D just does not exhibit the dairyness of our top two cows.

The height and width of D’s rear udder, as well as the cleanliness through the hock, places her above the last-place cow. B is another beautifully framed cow, a cow I really like the overall dairyness of, but her udder just isn’t quite good enough to place her any higher in the class.

About the Judge . . . Steve Wagner
Gray, Maine
Wagner placed the BROWN SWISS. Originally from Quarryville, Pa., Wagner and his parents farmed under the Bo-Joy and Graystone prefixes where they bred 97 Excellent cows and received 49 All-American nominations in the Brown Swiss and Red and White contests. Wagner moved to Vermont in 2017 to manage Tim and Sharyn Abbott’s Borderview Genetics before moving to Maine to manage Juniper Farms in 2019. Steve has previously judged 150-plus shows of all breeds, highlighted as the official judge of the International Brown Swiss Show at Madison, Wis., and the All American Jersey Show in Harrisburg, Pa., both in 2018.