April 25 2022 08:00 AM


The extremely balanced white C easily sorts herself to the top of the class using her tremendous advantage in mammary system. C is higher in her rear udder attachment, shows much more quality and veination throughout her udder, and has her front teats placed more centrally beneath the quarters, noting the wide front teats on D. In addition, C exhibits more overall dairyness and strength from end to end. I admit that D is longer in the fore udder attachment.

Moving on to a much closer middle pair, D gets the nod over A using her decided advantage in udder. She shows more width at the top of the rear udder, is longer and smoother blending about the fore udder, more level along the udder floor, and shows less quartering when viewed from the side. Furthermore, D excels in both femininity and style through the front end. She is significantly longer and leaner about the head and neck and stands much straighter on her front legs, faulting A for toeing out. I grant, A shows more depth of heart and drop of rear flank.

In my final placing, A handily places over B, the powerful black cow, using her obvious advantage in angularity and style from end to end. A is sharper at the point of withers, more chiseled down her topline, more prominent about the hips and pins, and much cleaner and more refined about her bone structure than B. Complimenting this, A also shows more balance and symmetry of udder, noting the light left rear quarter on B, and has a more desirable turn throughout her rear udder. I concede that B is a wider cow throughout, especially through her rump structure. Though I admire the power and strength in B, she simply lacks the overall angularity and style, and balance and symmetry in the udder to merit a higher placing.

About the Judge . . . MANDI BUE

Kaukauna, Wis.
Bue placed the HOLSTEINS. Bue grew up on her family’s Holstein farm near Baraboo, Wis., and now manages the elite show herd of registered Holsteins and Jerseys at MilkSource Genetics with her husband, Eddie Bue. Together Eddie and Mandi have owned and bred numerous All-American nominations and have partnered in animals such as the 2019 Intermediate Champion Holstein of World Dairy Expo, Floydholm MC Emoji-ET. At MilkSource, Bue has cared for Supreme Champion cows and heifers from both World Dairy Expo and the Royal Winter Fair. She has judged numerous shows throughout the U.S.