April 25 2022 08:00 AM


The cow sporting the best mammary system and most dairyness rises to the top of this class. In my top pair, D places over B with her advantages in the udder, having a higher and wider rear udder, more correct teat size and shape, and a higher held, more youthful udder. She also is showing more dairyness, being cleaner and flatter boned throughout, and has a more ideal set to the hock, with stronger pasterns and a deeper heel. I realize B excels in frame and capacity, especially in depth of fore rib and heart.

In a logical middle pair, B places over C with her overall dairy quality. B shows more spring, depth, and openness to her fore and rear rib. Moreover, B is more nearly level in her udder floor and her teats are placed more squarely beneath her quarters. Also, she is wider in her chest floor and carries that width back through her rump. However, C stands on stronger pasterns and a deeper heel.

Finally, C handily places over A in my bottom pair. C wears her udder higher above her hock and has more bloom to her mammary system, especially in her fore quarters, with less tilt to her udder floor. C also excels in frame, being taller and longer throughout, particularly being longer in her head and neck, and has more flex to her hock. I still appreciate A for her straightness of lines and strength, but she lacks the youthfulness to her mammary system and dairyness throughout to merit a higher placing.

About the Judge . . . MATT HENKES
Luana, Iowa
Henkes placed the AYRSHIRES. A sixth-generation dairy farmer, Henkes works full time on the family farm with his parents, where they milk 65 Holsteins and a few Milking Shorthorns. Henkes oversees the breeding program for the herd that has bred over 150 Excellent cows and has a breed age average (BAA) of 111.7. He has bred and developed several All-Iowa and Junior All-American nominations with Black and White and Red and White Holsteins. In 2021, he judged the All-American Milking Shorthorn Show and Wisconsin State Fair’s Holstein and Red and White shows. He’s also judged national and spring shows in the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, and Jerseys breeds.