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TechMix, LLC, is pleased to announce it has been granted a patent for Calf Perk® through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Calf Perk is a fast-acting stimulant for calves that have experienced a challenging or cold birth. It provides an immediate energy boost that enhances calf vigor and suckle reflex, and stimulates heart rate, breathing and body temperature. This combination of physiological effects helps to get challenged newborns on their feet, begin eating, and thriving.

“TechMix is an innovation-driven company, and we are excited to bridge the gap, once again, between scientifically supported research and practical industry needs. In this case, we studied a common and effective treatment in human infant medicine and adapted it for the animal health market. The result is a practical, easy-to-use product from which every producer with newborn calves will stand to benefit.” says Mike Nelson, TechMix, LLC President.

While energy drinks for human consumption utilize synthetic caffeine, Calf Perk contains naturally-occurring caffeine from green tea extract as its active ingredient. This means that Calf Perk meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) criteria that prohibits the inclusion of synthetic caffeine in animal supplements. The Calf Perk patent includes utilization of concentrated, naturally-occurring caffeine in a stable preparation and the unique viscosity of the product. The result is a single, liquid dose which effectively and rapidly absorbs through the oral mucosal lining.

“Having been granted a patent through USPTO, we are now pursuing patents in our other key markets around the world. We’re proud of the innovation of Calf Perk, and even more so the beneficial support offered to calves that could otherwise fall behind or die.” continues Mike Nelson.

Birth is a stressful time for calves¬—difficult births and calving into cold environments add to that stress. To sustain life, it is critical to get these calves on their feet and eating. Calf Perk is an easy-to-use product that gives newborn calves the boost they need with visible results.

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