April 10 2023 10:22 AM

Installation beginning at second location

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AMS Galaxy USA is pleased to present the next generation of their Automatic Milking Installation (AMI) with the Galaxy Merlin2G.

Galaxy achieved an approved Teat Prep Protocol in August 2022. We are excited to announce that the first complete Galaxy AMI was officially approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Safety Division of Milk Sanitation on March 9, 2023.

This approved AMI is based on Pennsylvania and Federal PMO regulations and standards that are currently in effect. We are now shipping Grade A milk in the USA with the Galaxy Merlin2G.

The next two units are currently being installed in Pennsylvania and more will be installed across the U.S. later this year.

AMS Galaxy USA has recently introduced the Merlin2G as part of their AMI. They’ve been milking test cows and fresh cows while working on the updates. “I really like using the Merlin2G,” says Jose A., herdsman for the Galaxy demonstration farm. “Cows adapt quickly and it’s such a simple and reliable robot.”

The Galaxy Merlin2G is a fusion of AMS Galaxy USA and Fullwood JOZ knowledge and technologies. This next generation AMI brings together the controls, documentation, and know-how of the U.S. based Galaxy technical team with the proven milking success of the Fullwood JOZ’s M2erlin. These components merge to become an approved AMI for the U.S. dairy industry, available through AMS Galaxy USA and their dealer network.

“I’m ecstatic to have this AMI approved to ship milk in the U.S.,” exclaims Galaxy CEO Brad Biehl. “The Merlin2G brings immense possibilities to the future of the American dairy industry. It’s hugely successful globally and now has the opportunity to revolutionize the U.S. dairy robotics market.”

More information about the Galaxy Merlin2G and other automations offered by AMS Galaxy USA is available at www.amsgalaxyusa.com.

About AMS Galaxy USA
AMS Galaxy USA (www.amsgalaxyusa.com) is an industry leader in the development of total farm solutions for dairy farms.

The company combines the human capital of its engineers and agricultural technical staff to create and deploy advanced technologies, which create the optimal production conditions for dairy cows and calves, as well as goats, with essential considerations for animal well-being. Solutions range from robotic milking needed on the smallest dairies to the largest dairies, automated feeding, automatic bedding, cow comfort products, and Herd Monitoring/Total Farm Automation software products.