Wisconsin Dairy Alliance, Venture Dairy Cooperative and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce submitted comments on the Chippewa County Highways Commission’s milk hauler permit scheme.

The Chippewa County Highway Commissioner announced the new $100 per truck fee and permit approval process for Milk Haulers in December. Previously, milk haulers had been exempt.

“Milk is a highly perishable commodity that must be transported year round and any hurdles to the free exercise of commerce on our roads to get the milk from farmer to processor directly impacts our farmer’s ability to continue operating. Cows don’t stop producing milk during certain seasons. We have to make sure any county regulations are workable and based on contacts from our members and haulers, there is no clarity on what is expected of them,” said Cindy Leitner, President of Wisconsin Dairy Alliance.

“I have been contacted by numerous affected individuals in Chippewa and outside of the county asking for guidance on how to comply with this new requirement. Although there were stakeholder meetings it appears there was never a consensus. We are asking to Board to slow down these new requirements to make sure producers, haulers and processors all know exactly what is expected of them. We also have serious legal concerns with the permitting scheme which are under review by our legal team,” said Kim Bremmer, Executive Director of Venture Dairy Cooperative.

The full Chippewa County Board will hear a presentation from the Highway Commissioner this evening at 6pm. Bremmer will represent VDC in person at the meeting.

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