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FarmTrace, the independent farm data and analytics platform, and UNIFORM-Agri, a global leader in herd management software, today announced a strategic partnership to enable both platforms to connect to more farm data.

The partnership includes the transfer of ownership of the RUMA (rundvee/cattle management) software to UNIFORM-Agri. RUMA software had become part of FarmTrace through the acquisision of VSM Automatisering BV in 2020.

“We are thrilled to welcome RUMA software customers to UNIFORM-Agri”, said Harm-Jan van der Beek, CEO of UNIFORM-Agri. “The RUMA software customers and users alike will benefit from our know-how and service in herd management software in the future.”

The partnership is in line with FarmTrace’s strategy to grow its platform and expand its services to a wider audience. “Partnering with UNIFORM-Agri empowers us to connect faster to more farms and bring that data into our platform”, said Chris van den Berg, Founder and CEO of FarmTrace. “With this partnership more customers can immediately benefit from our technology to make their food value chain more transparent.”

FarmTrace will inform all RUMA software customers in more detail about the change of ownership.

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About FarmTrace
FarmTrace is an independent farm data platform that unlocks farm data and insights to enable a data dialogue across the food value chain. With its global and scalable platform, FarmTrace provides knowledge to agriculture and food companies. Through the power of data, the FarmTrace platform offers a foundation for more efficient use of resources and transparency in the food value chain.

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About UNIFORM-Agri
UNIFORM-Agri is an international company that develops, sells and supports management systems for dairy farmers and their consultants all over the world. Specialized in recording and managing dairy farm data, UNIFORM-Agri has developed close working relationships with the leading milking parlor manufacturers, milk recording companies and other industry partners worldwide.