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How important is the physical conformation of cattle in today’s dairy industry? How does the way a cow looks relate to economically important traits? Dr. Jeffrey Bewley will answer these questions in an upcoming webinar, titled “A Million Reasons Why Conformation Matters.”

Join Holstein Association USA on Wednesday, May 10 at noon CST for the free, half-hour webinar. Dr. Bewley, Dairy Analytics and Innovation Scientist at Holstein USA, will share insights from a recent study showing the relationship between desirable functional conformation and economically important traits.

“The study shows the physical conformation of dairy cattle remains an important factor for dairy profitability,” Dr. Bewley shares. “For example, cows with more functionally correct physical conformation produced more lifetime energy correct milk and stayed in the herd longer.”

Holstein Association USA staff analyzed a dataset with over 1 million cows to quantify how conformation related to milk production and longevity. The large dataset used matching data from official linear classification evaluations and DHIA production records. Learn more about the study at

To register for the webinar, or contact Dr. Bewley at with questions or for more information about the webinar.