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It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that Eric Cooley passed away on Wednesday, February 22.

Eric loved his work with Discovery Farms. At times he slept in a tent in a field, got swarmed by mosquitoes, and jumped fences running away from bulls. That shows the dedication Eric put into his work, nothing was going to stop him from making sure things were working correctly.

Eric said more than a few times how he couldn't believe how long he had stuck with this job. But it makes sense, because of how he was able to blend his passion for research, finding solutions, and providing service to others. He served as the Wisconsin tile drainage expert because he saw a need out there and how he could fill it.

Eric had a servant heart and he approached everyone sincerely and listened with an intent to help. He developed an understanding of and passion for soil through his Master’s work and his time on the UW Madison Soil judging team. He was always the first on site for any monitoring equipment installation or maintenance, always willing to get his hands dirty in service of the science.

He will be greatly missed.

Eric Cooley