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Colorado State University’s AgNext and regional dairy council Dairy MAX have announced a strategic alliance as part of a continued commitment to improve sustainability in animal agriculture. The collaboration with Dairy MAX marks AgNext’s first official commitment from the dairy industry. Dairy MAX has agreed to support strategic initiatives of the AgNext program, continuing its work of advancing sustainable dairy production and raising up the next generation.

“We are excited to work collaboratively with Dairy MAX and its farmers on the advancement of cutting-edge technology development and innovative management strategies that continue driving the dairy industry toward sustainable outcomes,” said Dr. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, AgNext director.

As part of this alliance, Dairy MAX joins a group of diverse, world-class researchers charged with finding sustainable solutions through processes that are practical for dairy farmers, and ethically valued by consumers.

Ensuring the animals receive exceptional care, along with strengthening industry sustainability for future generations, have been dairy farmers’ top priorities for many years. Dairy MAX, a nonprofit regional dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farmers, has utilized various avenues to educate and share this message through farming, education, business development and health and wellness.

“This collaboration, and our belief and support of the AgNext program, highlights the value Dairy MAX places on the pursuit of knowledge and advancing the sustainability and resiliency of dairy farming,” stated Marty McKinzie, Dairy MAX’s chief growth officer. “The data and research collected through this program will support protecting the environment for all and ensure a future for dairy farmers to continue providing unmatched nutrition in dairy products with minimal environmental impact.”

Dairy farming has always adapted and evolved with a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship. The combined efforts of AgNext and Dairy MAX highlight how progressive the agriculture industry is – working to protect and improve the environment through conservation and sustainable practices.

“AgNext is positioned and ready to lead animal agriculture toward the discovery of sustainable solutions that are applicable for farmers based on their operational needs, are considerate of regional variability between operations and enhance profitability for farmers,” said Stackhouse-Lawson. “The AgNext research team is thrilled to join together with Dairy MAX and share in the commitment to sustainability in dairy systems.”

AgNext and Dairy MAX will work collaboratively to advance the health and sustainability of the entire value chain to improve food security and create stronger communities.

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About Dairy MAX
Founded more than 40 years ago, Dairy MAX is one of the leading regional dairy councils in America – representing more than 900 dairy farmers and serving communities in eight states: Colorado, southwest Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, western Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming. A nonprofit organization, Dairy MAX is part of a nationwide effort to promote American agriculture, support dairy farming and drive impact for every dairy farmer. The organization operates five audience outreach programs: business development, consumer marketing, health and wellness, industry image and relations and school marketing. For more information about Dairy MAX and its team of experts, visit Dairy resources and delicious recipes are available at