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A bottle of RE-COVR

KineticVet announces FDA approval of RE-COVR™ (tripelennamine hydrochloride injection), NADA # 006-417, supplied as a sterile solution in multiple dose vials (250 mL) containing 20 mg per mL. RE-COVR™ is an injectable antihistamine indicated for use in cattle (beef & dairy) and horses. It is approved for conditions in which antihistaminic therapy may be expected to lead to alleviation of some signs of disease.

RE-COVR™ Availability

RE-COVR™ is part of KineticVet’s commitment to deliver the latest product innovation. It is available through your animal health supplier in a 250 mL (20 mg per mL) bottle. For more information call 877-786-9882 or visit

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