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Kevin Lincomfelt has been named a Sales Support Specialist for Premier Select Sires’ Southern Region. In his role, Lincomfelt will assist the local Premier team in providing customers with services related to the Select Reproductive Solutions® (SRS®) program, the Select Mating Service® (SMS®), CowManager®, artificial insemination (A.I.) training, and more. He will serve primarily eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, and southern Virginia.

"I look forward to working with the Premier team and meeting a new customer base as I adapt my experience to southern farms," said Lincomfelt.

Lincomfelt has garnered approximately twenty years of A.I. industry experience in California. For ten years he served All West Select Sires as an independent agent managing his own technician route. He also managed a reproductive and technician team for a California genetics company for several years.

“With his hands-on experience, Kevin has developed his skills as a technician and technician trainer while also becoming familiar and proficient with DairyComp, SCR, CowManager, embryo transfer implanting, and genetic selection,” said Brad Barham, Regional Sales Manager for Premier’s southern territory. “I had the privilege of working with Kevin during my time working at All West Select Sires, and I know he will make an excellent addition to the Premier team.”

In addition to his dairy experience, Lincomfelt and his family have also raised and managed a small beef herd, and he has provided service to many beef customers during his time in California. Along with performing embryo work, he worked on beef breeding synchronization projects from 50 head to 1,000 head.

Please join Premier Select Sires in welcoming Kevin Lincomfelt!

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