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Puck is constantly looking to the future to meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow. It’s this spirit of innovation that has led to new features and solutions of our equipment with each new iteration. Over the last seven years, more than 400 units of our flagship product, the TTR 20, have been produced and provided unmatched ROI to our customers. Puck Enterprises is ready to introduce the latest innovative updates to our TTR 20.

The TPU hose used today gives manure applicators a more reliable hose and more capability to inject at higher gpm rates than before. As the durability of TPU hoses continues to evolve and get thicker, more room is needed to carry these improved hoses. To accommodate for the larger TPU hoses without losing efficiency, the TTR 20 now has room for two additional 8” hoses, or room for two miles of 8” plus two drags. If you have a larger hose, the TTR 20 can manage 1 ½ miles of 10” hose plus drags.

The best didn’t just get bigger — it got better! Alongside the increased capacity, the TTR 20 will now come standard with a hydraulic jack, step pockets in the rear, new sheet metal, and an increased balance when running up and down the road. We’ve maintained the covered slewing bearing swivel to keep mud and the hose from damaging the body of the cart. Additionally, the new modular components, like the widened bolt-on fenders, will help keep debris off the cart. When working in the field and getting equipment dirty, operators don’t have to worry about slipping or falling off the hose reel; Puck has added widened steps and grip tape along the sides. Even covered in liquid manure or rain, you can feel secure in the steps you take with Puck.

We’ve built upon the foundation of our best cart, but we haven’t taken away the features that make it distinctive. The rugged A-frame chassis and 710 radial tires give the turn table reel a robust look while maintaining traction in the field. Our hose reels feature our patented Arch Guard and domed reel ends to allow for safe placement and overlap as you roll and unroll your cart, without worry of hose twisting, kinking, or falling off. To help the operator safely load hose, rear LED lights help illuminate the cart where the tractor lights cannot reach.

With the 2023 additions to the TTR 20 becoming standard, Puck Enterprises continues to push the leading edge of innovation in liquid transfer equipment. The TTR 20 is truly Built to Lead.

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