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International Holstein Sires (IPS) continues to reach new milestones with genomic tested sires. The August sire summaries added notable achievements. “Each sire summary reveals new stars in the IPS Holstein genomic tested lineup. Our continued selection of young sires from proven cow families has contributed to these achievements. As a result, dairy farmers worldwide have responded with great satisfaction,” says Ron Sersland, President and CEO.

  • 566HO1366 DEAL MAKER is a new star at +3122 GTPI. This ranks DEAL MAKER in the Top 100 for genomic tested sires. His credentials offer a rare combination, high milk at +1,344 lbs. combined with an exceptional udder composite of +2.15. His milk is enriched with +110 lbs. (+.20%) fat along with +65 lbs. (+.08%) protein. Health traits are an added bonus; +1134 NM$, and +5.8 productive life. DEAL MAKER’s +1355 DWP$ ranks him in the TOP 100 for the breed. This A2A2 sire, rated BB Kappa-Casein, shows linear traits off the chart. When looking for that source of strength and bone substance, DEAL MAKER has been identified as aAa: 462. This new star is sired by Overdo from a promising young daughter of Conway. High components are abundant throughout his deep cow family.
  • 566HO1362 OUTFIT is among the IPS leaders at +3072 GTPI. In his early life, OUTFIT has demonstrated transmitting ability. He is siring high ranking GTPI sons and daughters. A bull with great leadership qualities, OUTFIT excels in many areas. High components are notable at +101 lbs. (+.24%) fat and +47 lbs. (+.08%) protein. Production continues to increase at +810 lbs. milk. Conformation traits are superb at +1.36 type and +2.12 UDC. A fitness specialist, OUTFIT is +1229 DWP$, +1077 NM$, and +6.4 PL. Note that OUTFIT is a rare quality aAa assigned 216. An A2A2 sire with BB Kappa-Casein, OUTFIT is sired by Outcome from a young Pursuit daughter.
  • 566HO1363 DIAL IN is a genetic leader with +2993 GTPI. At +108 lbs. (+.24%) fat and +47 lbs. (+.05%) protein, DIAL IN upholds the IPS component standards. This breed achiever boosts conformation at +1.31 type. With +2.08 UDC, his linear traits for udder are striking. Another A2A2 sire, DIAL IN has excellent health traits at +1039 NM$ and +5.0 PL. A source of strength, DIAL IN also contributes bone substance as identified by his assigned 426 aAa code. Sired by Expectant, DIAL IN is from a VG-85 Gamechanger daughter.
  • 566HO1361 CARSON PP RC is a bright new homozygous polled sire at +2807 GTPI. With his GTPI, CARSON PP RC is ranked #2 in the breed among PP red carrier genomic bulls. He is also the #1 type bull at +1.95 among the Top 5 GTPI PP bulls. His udder composite comes in as impressive with +2.11. In addition, this exciting new IPS achiever is #3 among all homozygous polled bulls over +2800 GTPI. Components are another strong suit at +70 lbs. (+.10%) and +40 lbs. (+.10%). Sired by McDonald, CARSON PP RC is from a super high component daughter of Coulture.

These new achievements support the genetic strength throughout the IPS Holstein lineup. IPS sires represent durable, high performing dairy cattle, a requirement by todays dairy farmers. IPS semen is available in North America and across the world from company employees and independent distributors. Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin, additional information is available through the IPS website, or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593