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A disruptive new dairy feed additive from Adisseo, a worldwide leader in nutritional solutions and additives for animal feed, capitalizes on new technology. DynOmik™ increases dry matter intake (DMI) and milk production from transition through peak lactation. In doing so, it delivers on Adisseo’s ongoing commitment to pursuing new scientific research that benefits herd performance while increasing herd sustainability.

DynOmik stands out, as it relies on a unique research breakthrough in the process for producing cashew nut shell extract. Research shows that DynOmik encourages more nutrient intake and positively impacts milk production and sustainability. More dry matter intake translates to more milk yield. DynOmik also influences the production of the volatile fatty acids (VFA) acetate, propionate and butyrate along with stabilizing rumen pH. Results have been confirmed in both university and on-farm trials.

DynOmik supports dairy sustainability by decreasing the carbon footprint of the cow and herd. Methane production per unit of milk decreases as milk production per cow increases.

The DynOmik recommended feeding rate is 5g/head/day. It can be pelleted and is granular in appearance.

“We are proud of how DynOmik demonstrates the long-term commitment of Adisseo to helping the feed industry find scientific and technical solutions to current field challenges,” said Dr. Shane Fredin, Global Director, Ruminant Specialties and Solutions, Adisseo.