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Select Sires Member Cooperative is proud to announce the opening of the application process for the newly-formed cooperative’s inaugural summer internship program.

The program is designed to expose developing students to all areas of sales and service of the full-service artificial insemination cooperative. Carefully selected students will be provided training and learning opportunities within the fields of genetic and reproductive services to include professional sales and service mentoring, understanding of cooperative principles, precision breeding approaches, artificial insemination/reproductive performance analysis, industry involvement, cow monitoring systems and associated product solutions. There will be a minimum of one student selected for each of the two internship positions offered in each of the five SSMC service areas. This will result in at least 10 student interns chosen as the Select Sires Member Cooperative 2024 Summer Interns throughout the coop’s 27-state territory.

“We are excited about the opportunities going forward to intentionally grow our internship program. As our cooperative continues growing, the need for talented, highly trained and passionate dairy and beef enthusiasts will grow also. Our ability to train and retain the best people is essential to our future,” says Chris Sigurdson, SSMC Chief Executive Officer.

College students pursuing a degree in dairy science, animal science, agriculture business, agriculture communications or a related area of study with a familiarity and passion for the dairy/beef industry are encouraged to apply for this internship experience.

Learn more about the internship program and apply here.