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With dairy production in Mexico expected to continue increasing and moving towards a component-driven system, NOVUS is positioned to support dairy managers, nutritionists, and cooperatives wanting to optimize milk and component production.

Horacio Zamora, DVM, is the intelligent nutrition company’s senior sales manager in Mexico. Over 25 years of experience in the animal agriculture and nutrition industry has provided him with a deep understanding and diverse expertise that his customers appreciate.

“Milk yield per cow is the key indicator of profitability,” says Dr. Zamora. “The best herds are averaging more than 40 kg per cow. At the same time, demand for milk components is increasing in Mexico and, even in high-producing herds, feed costs and the low price of milk are cutting into profitability. These factors make maximizing milk and component yields an important goal for the industry.”

Along with following best management practices to ensure cows are experiencing minimal challenges like lameness or heat stress that impact milk production, Zamora says it’s important to feed methionine to optimize milk component production.

“MFP® Feed Supplement is a cherry-flavored methionine source shown to maximize milk and component yields, including increasing the fat percentage by up to 0.3%1” he says. “This product also helps increase microbial crude protein production, which results in increasing the metabolizable protein available for use by the animal2.”

As a dry, granular form of HMTBa methionine, MFP® Feed Supplement is ideal for feed mills and local cooperatives. It can also be incorporated straight into mineral mixes and protein mixes or with products high in fat.

The product is also shown in commercial trials to improve production even during times of milk fat depression.

“With raw feed materials still impacting financial success, the dairy industry in Mexico needs to look for innovative ways to enhance its profitability,” Dr. Zamora says. “NOVUS wants to support the industry by using intelligent nutrition to evaluate how the herd is performing and provide science-based solutions that can make a difference.”

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