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Select Sires Inc. announces the transition of GeneNet® operations to Low Carbon Technologies. GeneNet was purchased by Select Sires in 2021 and has since worked with packing partners to enhance the grid structure and premiums that benefit cattle ranchers and dairy farmers. In 2022, Select Sires formed Low Carbon Technologies (LCT) whose mission is to help agricultural producers contribute to improved sustainability through reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while earning a premium for low carbon production practices. Through its USDA-approved process verified program (PVP), LCT certifies beef and dairy produced with reduced GHG emissions, offering the marketplace distinction desired by today’s discerning consumers. Shifting GeneNet operations to LCT reflects both Select Sires’ commitment to sustainability and the growing importance the beef x dairy sector plays in sustainable beef production.

The combination of sexed semen and genomic testing has resulted in more heifers that possess higher genetic merit and will serve as future dairy herd replacements. This management strategy has also created opportunity for dairy herds to play an increasingly vital role in beef production through beef x dairy calves. The growth of the beef x dairy segment continues its record pace with 2022 representing the fifth straight year of record sales of domestic beef semen at nine million units according to the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB).

“There is incredible potential for GeneNet to evolve and expand premium pricing opportunities for both traditional beef producers and the growing beef x dairy segment,” said Ron Schuller, chief operating officer, Low Carbon Technologies, LLC. “We anticipate leveraging GeneNet to develop grid marketing and premium pricing opportunities for certified low carbon beef.”

Given the synergies between GeneNet and LCT supply chains, along with the emerging role of the beef x dairy sector within LCT’s growth strategy, Mark Johnson, director of LCT supply chains, was identified as the obvious choice to lead this initiative on behalf of LCT. “I’m extremely excited to add GeneNet to our customer offering and to lead this initiative that will deliver incremental value to our producer segments through program premiums and allow us to accelerate LCT’s growth and success. We look forward to adding more customized producer options in the future”.

ProfitSOURCE® is Select Sires’ complete beef x dairy program that includes specialty sire lineups, traceability, supply chain partners and data collection – all vital components of LCT’s certification process. For more than 20 years, GeneNet has captured valuable data throughout the beef production chain and has most recently played an integral role in collecting carcass data from ProfitSOURCE cattle. This information guides management and genetic decisions and garners better marketing opportunities and market access for cattle producers.

Based in Plain City, Ohio, Select Sires Inc. is committed to enhancing the productivity and profitability of dairy and beef producers. Highly fertile semen and genetic consultation are provided by three farmer-owned and -controlled cooperatives domestically, while World Wide Sires, Ltd. delivers international service. As the industry leader, Select Sires Inc. supplies farmers and ranchers with the world’s best genetics, services and programs.