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Kuhn North America, Inc., is pleased to introduce two new Dominator models boasting product features designed to provide optimal compaction removal and residue handling while reducing maintenance time. The rationally sequential design of both machines place coulters ahead of shanks to size residue, ensure it flows through the machine freely and can be evenly incorporated by the disc conditioner at the rear.

The Dominator 4857 provides maximum subsoil fracture with two ranks of shanks on 18" effective spacing providing the maximum degree of soil fraction and compaction removal compared to other tillage tools in this class that utilize wider shank spacing.

The Dominator 4861 provides maximum productivity and compaction management. Each shank is positioned between a pair of coulters increasing the quantity of soil brought to the surface by the shanks for maximum residue incorporation. Two ranks of shanks on 24" effective spacing provide excellent compaction maintenance with optimized productivity. This shank design delivers maximum residue flow with no two shanks closer than 48".

Both models feature the reverse-tandem disc conditioner with new C-arm and independently mounted blades on a new 6-bolt hub for easy maintenance. This new combination of C-Arm and hub provides 10% more soil and residue flow through the disc conditioner to improve continuous operation in adverse conditions. No daily grease maintenance features have been incorporated throughout the Dominator 4857 and 4861 models, including coulter gangs, disc conditioner, and conditioner reel bearings. Double K® 7" wing or 2.5" straight ripper points are available to increase point wear life and increase operator productivity. A new heavy-duty solid round bar conditioning reel is now available for improved durability in rocky conditions.

The Dominator 4857 is available in 10'6" to 19'6" RTK working widths and the Dominator 4861 is available in 14' to 26' RTK working widths.

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