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The new KUHN MDS .2 W Series twin-disc fertilizer spreaders bring a new dimension of accurate rate control to a wide range of growers. Working widths range from 33-80’ (10-24 m) depending on the disc selection and material spread. Four hopper sizes and multiple hopper extension options help the operator match the machine to the application, from narrow-row vineyards to broad-acre fields.

The hitch and main frame of the MDS .2 W are connected by a pair of electronic weigh cells. These weigh cells measure the weight of the product leaving the hopper at a rate of 100 times per second, which allows the Quantron controller to adjust the flow factor and change the application rate every two seconds. The weigh cells also eliminate the need to perform a calibration test to establish a baseline flow factor prior to startup. Finally, the weigh cells inform the operator of the amount of product remaining in the hopper to optimize reloading cycles.

The Quantron A controller displays all the main machine functions, including application rate, ground speed, load remaining, area counter, and more. The physical buttons are easy to operate when bouncing over rough ground. To provide accurate variable rate control, the Quantron can hook up to a GPS receiver using cables offered as optional equipment.

The hopper on the MDS .2 W features an octagonal design. Like the design of KUHN’s larger Axis® fertilizer spreaders, the angled walls optimize material flow to the centrally located metering outlets. This reduces bridging and promotes complete hopper emptying with almost all types of granular materials and seeds. A rotating agitator at the bottom of the hopper also helps to keep the material flowing freely. Optional agitators are available for special applications such as grass seed, powdery materials, or sticky materials.

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