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Holstein Marketplace Sires recently welcomed two new bulls to the program, HIGHERRANSOM HANK AARON-ET and PINE-TREE MIRRORIMAGE-ET. These elite GTPI, high production and component bulls are both owned by Pine-Tree Dairy of Marshallville, Ohio.

“HANK AARON is a special bull that can do it all! He’s not just about the numbers, he also comes from one of the world’s greatest cows “the Doc.” In person, HANK AARON will blow you away with style, scoring Very Good 85 on his first birthday,” says Holstein Marketplace Sires Manager Tim Ziemba.

712HO01026 HIGHERRANSOM HANK-AARON-ET VG-85 is a Pearce son from a recently fresh Delta Lamda daughter of S-S-I DOC Have Not 8784-ET EX-96 DOM. He has impressive Type at +3028 GTPI, +2.89 PTAT, +2.94 UDC and +2.25 FLC. HANK-AARON-ET also has solid production traits at +1086 M, +73 F, and +54 P and brings strong health traits to the table with +5.9 PL. +0.1 DPR and 2.1% SCE.

“HANK AARON offers herd improvement on many fronts. He is an excellent option for udder and feet and leg composite, without sacrificing production and components. Also unique is his solid health traits to go along with High-type,” says Matthew Steiner of Pine-Tree Dairy. “He is a sire that has the potential to fit a variety of herds, bringing solid type, without extreme stature.”

HANK-AARON-ET is also A2A2 and BB. He’s currently available in both conventional and sexed semen. To learn more about this new bull or place an order, visit

“MIRRORIMAGE presents breeders another opportunity to use an elite GTPI and NM bull restriction free,” Holstein Marketplace Sires Manager Tim Ziemba explains. “We expect MIRRORIMAGE to leave his mark on the industry through his sons and daughters. He already has offspring that are at the top of the charts, and we felt the need to offer this bull to all breeders.”

054HO01093 PINE-TREE MIRRORIMAGE-ET GP-80 is an elite GTPI and Net Merit free agent sire at +3161 GTPI and +1183 NM. He’s also an extreme milk and component improver at +1407 M, +153 F, and +70 P. To top it off, he already has impressive offspring with a son at +3352 GTPI and +1387 NM and a daughter at +3332 GTPI and +1141 NM. MIRRORIMAGE is sired by Outcome from a Lionel that traces back to a deep pedigree that has 10 dams that are GMD or DOM back to the Ravena family.

"Today, we need solids and strong fat percent with volumes of milk. MIRRORIMAGE is the only Holstein bull with +153 pounds of Fat and +1.51 UDC,” says breeder and owner Matthew Steiner. “While a few bulls are close to this ranking, they are restricted. MIRRORIMAGE is a restriction free, MW-clean son of Ladys-Manor Outcome. Use him if you desire high solids!"

MIRRORIMAGE was just released and is available conventional or sexed. To learn more about MIRRORIMAGE or place an order, visit

Holstein Marketplace Sires Classification Update

Several of the bulls in the Holstein Marketplace Sires program recently had exciting classification score increases. Below are the highlights from their February classification.

  • Golden-Oaks Tango-Red-ET EX-91, bred and owned by Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL
  • Synergy Kudos-ET EX-90, bred and owned by Synergy Dairy, Pulaski, WI
  • Dewgood High Caliber-ET VG-85, bred and owned by Dewgood Holsteins, Oconto, WI
  • Higherransom Hank Aaron-ET VG-85, owned by Pine-Tree Dairy, Marshallville, OH
  • Bert-Mar Mooi Alex-Red-ET GP-84, bred and owned by Bert-Mar Farms, Osseo, WI

About Holstein Marketplace Sires

To purchase Holstein Marketplace Sire semen, contact a Holstein Association USA Regional Sales Representative or reach out to Holstein Marketplace Sires Manager at 315.730.3312 or You can also buy online by visiting, click the red “Buy Now” button, and complete the order with the secure online system.

Holstein Marketplace Sires provides a unique avenue for Holstein breeders to market their genetics. Under this program, bull owners retain ownership of the bulls, and Holstein Marketplace Sires coordinates the marketing and sales of the bulls’ semen. Launched in 2019, the program provides a new selection of bulls offered by breeders, for breeders. The program’s goal is to create more opportunities for Holstein breeders to market semen to fellow breeders.