March 26 2024 03:06 PM

Acquisition aims to strengthen the company’s portfolio and innovation goals

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Novus International, Inc. announces it has completed the acquisition of U.S.-based enzyme company BioResource International, Inc. (BRI). Under the terms of the agreement, NOVUS becomes the owner of all BRI’s products and intellectual property and takes control of the company’s facilities.

“This move will allow us to serve our customers better and expand our innovation pipeline further,” says NOVUS President & CEO Dan Meagher. “Enzymes are vital tools for producers to ensure animal health and well-being and help deliver on-farm profitability. We’re very excited to offer our customers more options, as well as aspire to develop new feed additives.”

The relationship between the two companies isn’t new. NOVUS has partnered with BRI since 2008 to manufacture its protease product, CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additive. Meagher says having full ownership and control of the product line and the option to expand NOVUS’ portfolio beyond protease enzymes is a natural fit in the company’s long-term strategic plans.

“As a leader in intelligent nutrition, NOVUS’ priorities include investing further in functional proteins and the gut health segment, growing our portfolio, and achieving stronger control of our supply chain,” he says. “Along with supporting these goals, acquiring BRI also increases our capabilities to develop innovative solutions in the fermentation space.”

BRI’s products include Versazyme® protease feed additive, Xylamax® xylanase feed enzyme, Dymanase® mannanase enzyme, Phytamax® granulated, thermostable, microbial 6-phytase enzyme; and EnzaPro® enzyme and direct-fed microbials, among others.

BRI’s co-founder and CEO Giles Shih, Ph.D., says the acquisition and tapping into the knowledge of employees in both BRI and NOVUS allows for the continued growth of the company he helped create 25 years ago.

“We are super excited about the future where BRI’s products and people combine forces with the global reach and deep industry knowledge NOVUS brings to the feed additive space,” Shih says. “This deal is not one of happenstance. Our two companies have worked closely together since 2008 to launch the first generation of heat-stable protease feed enzymes and shape how they are developed, marketed, and optimized to add value to customers worldwide. This acquisition will enable NOVUS to innovate the next generation of proteases and enzymes that will do even more, from promoting gut health to promoting the bottom line.”

Along with BRI’s current product portfolio, NOVUS also takes over the company’s facilities in North Carolina in the U.S.

Meagher says continuity is key for current BRI customers and they should experience “business as usual” during the integration process.

NOVUS is the intelligent nutrition company providing solutions for the global animal agriculture industry. The company’s portfolio includes bis-chelated organic trace minerals, enzymes, organic acids, essential oils, liquid and dry methionine, and a network of experts worldwide to provide guidance on management best practices. NOVUS is owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

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