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PLAIN CITY, Ohio, April 3, 2024 – Genetic diversity continues to be in demand by dairy breeders around the world and Select Sires delivered with this graduating class. Each of the newly proven Holstein sires are sired by a different father and grandsire. These diverse pedigrees don’t fall short on performance and the lineup offers outliers for milk yield and components, health traits and fertility.

Among the graduates are leaders for Herd Health Profit Dollars® (HHP$®) – the index designed to create healthier, longer-living cows that garner a greater return on investment, reduce herd turnover and lower the dairy’s carbon footprint.

Holstein Highlights

  • Six graduates boast HHP$ values greater than +950 with 14HO15367 KNOCKOUT (+1,071), 7HO15429 DERRINGER (+1,057) and 7HO15266 HIGH DEMAND (+1,001) leading the charge.
  • Sires that qualify for the Mastitis ResistantPRO® designation, offered exclusively by Select Sires, excel for Zoetis Mastitis Resistance, CDCB Mastitis and Somatic Cell Score. Daughters of Mastitis ResistantPRO sires have the genetic potential to experience less mastitis events – boosting milk quality and saving on treatment costs. KNOCKOUT, DERRINGER, HIGH DEMAND, 7HO15366 AGASSI and 7HO15427 ROMPEN-RED each qualify for the Mastitis ResistantPRO designation.
  • Highly anticipated ROMPEN-RED made his debut with an exciting progeny proven summary. This Altuve son boasts an Apple-free pedigree, modern linear profile and balanced Type (2.04 PTAT, +2.04 UDC).
  • HIGH DEMAND has an interesting sire stack and hails from a high-performance pedigree: 14HO14220 RIVETING x (VG-86-VG-MS-DOM) 14HO7770 HELIX x (VG-85-VG-MS-DOM) Tango x (VG-86) 7HO10849 SHAMROCK. His daughters are flat-boned with exceptional udder quality (+1.33 PTAT, +1.38 UDC).
  • After a popular young sire career, 7HO15420 PORTER debuts on the proven lineup as one of 7HO14454 LIONEL’s highest sons for NM$ (+1,039) and CM$ (+1,050).
  • 7HO15523 PARSLY’s dam is the globally recognized Siemers Lmda Paris 27856-ET (EX-91-EX-MS-GMD-DOM). PARSLY sires the same pleasing Type pattern as his brother 7HO15085 PARFECT and excels for milk yield and components (+1,797 PTAM, +71 Protein, +85 Fat)
  • DERRINGER daughters showcase strong fore udder attachments with intermediate teat placement (+1.71 UDC).
  • Producers looking for a mating sire free of 7HO12788 FRAZZLED, 250HO14134 RENEGADE and 7HO15167 GAMEDAY will find KNOCKOUT and 14HO15460 SIMBA are exceptional options.

Jersey Highlights

  • 7JE1880 STEARNS is an A2A2 Beta-Casein, BB Kappa-Casein 7JE1614 SHOCKER son that combines big-time milk yield (+1,232 PTAM) with positive health and daughter fertility traits (+0.4 DPR, +2.4 HCR, +1.6 CCR).
  • 14JE1830 JX HOOPTIE {4}-P is an elite Polled sire with BB Kappa-Casein and double-digit component percents (+0.17% Fat, +0.11% Protein).

Ayrshire Highlight

  • 9AY129 JAMAICA sires adequate width in the front-end and creates daughters that carry that width through their rumps with strongly attached udders (+0.5 PTAT). This 7AY118 CHAMP son excels for fitness traits (2.85 SCS, +0.6 PL, +0.6 LIV) and offers exceptional sire fertility (+2.3 SCR) as a FertilityPRO® sire.